most countries understand the problems in the way we are laying them out because we are talking directly to Americans, but we are also talking to the peoples of the world. The corrosive nature of empire does not just affect the people in the United States, but people everywhere. We see hope in responses that we are getting everywhere, particularly among young people. We are trying to give them a different understanding of history, because we believe that history is the tool. While our enemies weapons are military weapons, our weapon is history, understanding, knowledge, and truth. So the question is, what is the strength of honesty and truth versus the strength of cannons, bombers, submarines, and surveillance technology? That is the battle we are in. We have seen truth win out in certain situations, prevail over military force and that is what we are trying to do and that is a global effort. We think that people in Japan should repudiate AMPO along with the U.S. bases, take leadership in the fight for the abolition of nuclear weapons and start telling the truth about their own history. We want you to do that in solidarity with the people in the United States. We know that Japan tends to be a conformist society, rather than one in which people make waves, but after Fukushima, we saw the Japanese starting to organize and protest. That happened in the 1960s with AMPO and Vietnam, and it hadnt happened in a long time on such a large scale.

United States Appreciating Indonesian Fishery

Goodson, recall, was the starter alongside Omar Gonzalez as the United States clinched its spot earlier this month with the win over Mexico. Goodson may have slipped lately on the depth chart (blame young up-and-comer Anthony Brooks for that), but his steady night against El Tri reminded everyone that a tested, reliable veteran is great to have around. Word came Monday that Fabian Johnson has an ankle injury and may not be available for Hoffenheims match Saturday at Mainz 05. If Johnson does not play there, expect some reluctance from Hoffenheim to release their left-sided defender-midfielder for international duty. Landon Donovan (pictured below) was back on the field for the Galaxy on Sunday in Seattle, so he is likely to be on Klinsmanns list when the team gathers next week in Kansas City. But whether the Galaxy man will be at full-fitness (and therefor full effectiveness) is another matter. There is one other element potentially destructive to Klinsmanns plan: how will MLS teams feel about losing players for meaningless contests with significant implications in their one, league contests on the line? Think about Graham Zusi, Matt Besler, Landon Donovan, Eddie Johnson and Clint Dempsey, all locks to make the final 23-man roster for Brazil. If there isnt some push back from Sporting Kansas City, the LA Galaxy and Seattle, Ill be surprised. (Goodson, too, for that matter, as San Joses playoff chances remain in the balance, and the Earthquakes are sure to want their best bunch whenever possible.) There will still be plenty to work with in the U.S. camp. Jozy Altidore will likely relish some time away from the pit of despair that Sunderland has become.

United States roster falling to pieces ahead of remaining 2014 World Cup qualifiers

Among the Indonesian tuna exporters, the Anova frozen tuna produced by PT. Balinusa Windutama, is an Indonesiaas imported tuna product widely distributed in the United States. Strategic Partnership In the meantime, the Indonesian Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Sharif C. Sutardjo, stated that the visit of John Kerry to the port shows that the Indonesian captive fishing is compatible with the importing country’s standard. Furthermore, John Kerry’s visit was also to directly go through the Indonesian fishing chain processing. “He has also come to ensure the compatibility of the Indonesian fishing industry, as well as to ensure the Tuna supply certainty to the United States’ market,” explained the Ministry. Sharif continued, the invitation of John Kerry to the port aims to strengthen the strategic partnership in the marine and fishery sectors between both countries. The relationship between both countries increasingly shows a positive indication marked by the increase of the bilateral trade balance in the last two years – The highest trade balance ever dealt by both countries was on 2011 with the total trade balance of US$26,5 billion. “The APEC Meeting becomes a milestone to prove the world that the marine and fishery sectors can be the national prime mover,” he asserted. In addition, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States also came to terms with the enhancement of the United States – Indonesia’s National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The partnership aims to the capacity building of the IUU Fishing eradication, the Port State Measure development, a number of marine and fishery-related training and workshops, and the Sea Grant Partnership improvement as well as the deep sea exploration cooperation of Exploration of the Sangihe Talaud Region. “The bilateral cooperation can be the springboard to proceed and strengthen the marine and fishery partnership of both countries,” he confirmed. The government of Indonesia and the United States were also agreed on improving the marine economy sector. The partnership has already implemented through the program of Indonesia Marine and Climate Support (IMACS) – an aid of the USAID.