“I knew the start was going to be definitely hairy, but when you arrive at Turn 1 you are not going very fast yet,” Patrick said. “So, I still was off the throttle and I just had enough momentum to go to the middle and so I did and I don’t know why it came around. “Either I drove into hard or the air is just that challenging or we were a little loose. I don’t know. I didn’t even have my front bead blowers on yet just trying to build heat in the front tires.” Patrick was one of many drivers who found the 1.5-mile oval difficult. A new Goodyear tire combined with cold temperatures and a slick track with little grip led to a track-record 15 caution periods Sunday. Among those who encountered trouble was Kyle Busch, who was involved in two separate incidents . The last one as a result of contact with Carl Edwards and Brian Vickers and ended with Busch’s mangled Toyota suffering terminal damage. Patrick said she was “mentally prepared” for the difficult conditions and asked her spotter to help her through the opening laps. “I knew that going into the race based on practice and everything we’ve seen from practice in Cup to the Nationwide race, that losing grip was going to be not that hard to do,” she said. “If I did something wrong, I apologize to everybody on my team. It’s a shame.” Patrick placed last among 43rd drivers Sunday, and Kansas was the fifth time she has failed to finish a race due to an accident.

Hollywood animal trainer plans move to Oregon

Still, Quinn continued working in the theater, where he achieved success with the piece A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. He obtained U.S. citizenship in 1947; however, because of his multiethnic appearance and the scars from boxing across his face, he continued playing secondary roles as a native of the United States. He acted in 15 films in this time period; encased in roles of gangsters, villains and characters with dubious reputations. This translated to real life for him, and Hollywood socialites of the time did not support Quinn in their circles, discriminating against him greatly. One of the reasons I did all the Greeks and Arab parts I did was because I was trying to identify myself as a man of the world, I lived in Greece, in France, Iran and all over the world, Spain, trying to find a niche where I would finally be accepted. Anthony Quinn for The New York Times Despite this, he was offered more interesting roles like Eufemio Zapata in Viva Zapata! (1952) by Elia Kazan, for which he received his first Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. This was the first occasion in which a Hispanic actor received the prestigious award. His portrayal of Gauguin in the film The Crazy Red Hair (1956) by Vincente Minnelli, gave him his second Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. He moved artistically between United States and Europe and that, without a doubt, hurt him when it came to choosing his roles. However, the actor reached great notoriety especially with his role in Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and Zorba the Greek (1964), with which he won a new nomination for an Oscar. In these years he married Iolanda Addolori, whom he had met on the set of Barabbas. Anyone who had any reverence or respect for a true artist will miss him. He was a modern day Renaissance man with an intelligence and insight that brought heightened clarity to each moment spent with him. Providence Mayor Vincent Buddy Cianci. It is said that no American actress was fiery enough to match Quinns Latino presence, so he worked with Italian sex-bombs like Anna Magnani (Wild Is the Wind, 1957), Gina Lollobrigida (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, 1956) and Sophia Loren (Black Orchid, 1958, and Heller In Pink Tights, 1960). In reference to his women in real life, a quick run-down of his personal history reveals five wives and 12 children: Christopher, Christina, Catalina, Duncan, Valentina, Francesco, Danny, Lorenzo, Sean, Alexander Anthony, Antonia and Ryan.

Hollywood Casino 400: Danica Patrick crashes out on Lap 1

(AP) A Hollywood trainer of lions and other exotic animals says he plans to open a satellite operation near Phoenix to serve as a home base for his Oregon filming and as an education center. Lions, giraffes, zebras and a host of African antelope could be living a year from now in new facilities that trainer Brian McMillan plans for his property along Houston Road adjacent to Phoenix city limits. McMillan and his wife, Victoria, in August bought a 41-acre parcel of farmland and are now renovating the century-old farmhouse on the property the first phase of his planned operation. “It’s going to be a year or so from now,” McMillan said in an interview from his current operation in Canyon Country, Calif. “Right now we’re just trying to get our house built.” McMillan has been an animal trainer for more than 30 years, according to his website. His credits include television shows such as “CSI: NY” and “Monk” and films such as “Into the Wild,” as well as an array of talk shows and television commercials. McMillan said his “Hollywood Animals” and “Walking with Lions” operations already do filming in Oregon, primarily in the Portland area, and he wants to expand that work in Oregon and Northern California. The couple settled on the Phoenix property as a base for filming here because they prefer the climate and the community, he said, but that they plan to keep his Southern California operation as well. Eventually, he plans to add pens and other facilities on the property before shipping seven lions, three giraffes, three zebras, two camels, two ostriches and six antelope north, according to his county planning application. “It’s a nice, big, beautiful piece of property with lots of space,” he said. “And we’ve always liked Oregon.” Before purchasing the land, which is zoned exclusively for farm use, McMillan asked the Jackson County Planning Department whether these exotic animals would fall under the land-use definition of “farm use.” The lions fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S.